Ocean of Games GTA v 5 PC Free Download

Ocean of games is a website where you can access all sorts of virtual games for free. Not just that this website also allows you to interact with the other players of the game. You can find all the updates and information that you need from this single platform of the games. In this article you will learn about the facts on your favorite games and the list of games that this website provides you for free. Stay tuned and learn what you did not before!


You can download millions of games for free on your computer orlaptops with the help of this website andthe good thing is that all the games are bug or virus free. There are different categories of the games via which you can access and download your desired game. Here is a list of the genres of the games:

Because the games are free of cost you will be able to download various games and their updated version for free with the help of this website. Even though you can find several games on this website still they admin of this website make sure not to keep any virus containing game of the website spo that your pc will remain free of Trojans at all times. However there are several website which have been made with the same title so be aware of what you are downloading and be safe from the inconvenience.

Here is a list of games and their potential that are downloaded most frequently on the website of ocean of games.

Oceans of games GTA 1

GTA 1 is one of the highly popular games between people belonging to each age group. This game was initially developed by a software gaming company known as DMA design. The game was at first published by the banner of BMG and the software house responsible for that is Rockstar which has gotten a lot of fame over the past few years. The game was published all the way back to 1997 and it is the first and foremost edition of the game. The game circle around the criminals who visit different cities of the US (that are purely fictional and not real) and perform all sorts of crimes like robberies and assignations etc., with this they have to complete the tasks of the game in order to move to the next level. There are six levels to this game. The tasks that are given to the player when accomplished give reward to the player which further helps them in promoting to the next level. All the new level initiate with a phone box. This game consists of 8 total characters including 4 females and 4 males.

Following are some of the features of the game that you will come across once you download it Ocean Games:

  • the graphics of this game is quite impressive keeping the fact in min that it was published lmosta a decade ago

  • fictional cities

  • there are 8 characters for the payers to choose from

  • game comprises of 6 characters

  • players have full access to roam in the city all by their choice

Ocean of games GTA 4

GTA 4 is one of the series of the game which were released back in December of 2008 by the Rockstar North gaming company.Ocean of games GTA 4 iv contains no Trojan or bug so it is safe to download. This is the 11th edition of the GTA game and was released for the entire gaming platform. The game has somewhat a similar plot with bit of fluctuation in the storyline. All the game roams around an imaginary city named as Liberty city. The main character of the game is a war veteran known as Niko Bellic. Due to his troubled and darker past he is mentally disturbed thus needing to escape from past. The whole story revolves around the mishaps that take place in the Niko’s life. During his journey Niko come across a person which has betrayed him fifteen years ago.

The game is played as a third person perspective and the player has permission to take his character anywhere they like without any restriction. The player is required to accomplish different linear scenarios and task in order to move further in the game. Your charter will have the weapons which they will use in need along with the melee attacks. The game is seemed to be quite promising and is proved to be a complete package as a game for the player.

Features of this game - Oceansofgames:

  • it’s the eleventh edition

  • the graphics are quite impressive

  • player can use the melee attacks

  • there are linear scenarios included in the game

  • it is an open world game

  • game is played in the perspective of third person

Ocean of games of GTA 5 v PC Game Download Free Full Version

Ocean of games GTA 5 v is ranked as one of the highly downloaded games of all time on the website. This is the game which was released at the end of the year 2015. The good thing about this game is played by two perspectives. The storyline revolve an imaginary characteristic known as Michael Townley. This character is under the witness protection after he has been a part of the robbery which is quite mismanaged. The main character‘s wife cheated on him with the her tennis coach which. Further story of the game move as Michael chases and destroy the coach in the mansion of girlfriend of the Don. Michael Townley is been left alone by all the friends and family and he has to survive in this cold blooded world full of criminals.

The game has the highest and elite quality of the graphic and has the resolution of 4k. The character can be customized and has to go through different mission in order to proceed further in the game. Here are some of feature of the games:

  • traffic is thick in this game

  • the system of weather is modified or not

  • the player will be able to use the explosive and melee attacks

  • the game has accumulated new wild life effects

  • there is a good Rockstar games editor

  • good visual effect

Oceans of games Tekken 7 PC Download

This game Tekken 7  is the conclusion of the clan of the Mishma. This game is sponsored by the unreal engine4 which gives every fight in the game quite a cinematic touch which is too new for the game of tekken. The whole game goes in the form of story ad each fight is interlinked. The game can be played by two players as well. This game is the clear depiction of pride, fear and love along with the values of life with which one lives and spends life. Not just the fight this game contains way more content then the previous Tekken games that were launched previously.

Here are some features of the game:


  • The game has very high resolution which gives an ultrafine image to the player thus making the characters to look quite alive

  • The visuals of this game is perfect in every fight and they don’t lag

  • Tekken 7 is the bundle of some striking updates which you cannot find in the previous Tekken 7 games.

  • This is rated to be one of the best sport games of all time and people belonging to every agree group seems to love playing this virtual game.

Ocean of games Call of Duty Free Download for PC

This is one of the best shooting games on the entire website of ocean of game. There are a lot of missions that a player has to finish in order to pass to the next level. This is a third and first person perspective. The gaming company has launched 15 games by now. The first 8 series of the game is about the World War 2 and the rest of other series is about secret mission in the cold war and the modern war fare respectively. The series was published by the company known as Activision.

All the tasks that are to be accomplished by the player are displayed in the heads up display of the player’s screen. The player have got two basic slots for the sake of keeping weapons: one is for keeping the hand gun and second is for keeping the grenades and for using it in times of need.

The player can see the health points at the top corner of the display which demonstrate the condition of the character and how much he is able to play. One good thing about this game is that if your character is near bombing, he will feel blurry image, tinnitus, lack of sprinting and slow motion for few second.

Ocean of games FIFA 17 Free Download

There are several reasons for a person to thank oceans of games and one of the reasons is for the FIFA game 2017 edition. The game engine for this edition is totally new from the previous one thus giving a new and enhanced experience to the players. With the help of this game and its realism you will be able to experience the game like the original football players. You will be able to feel the emotions of the players during the course of the game. The lightning of the game is all worth mentioning along with the enhanced animations and the journey

Here are some of the features of the game:

  • The game runs with the world’s most famous game engine known as Frostbite which is popular for providing the player with near to life action and visuals. It will take you to a new world where you can play like the trained players and learn their secret for good football playing. You will experience the true emotions players feel during the game

  • It is observed for the very first time in the gaming history that the players will be able to listen to the live commentary. the commentator that speak is Alex Hunter

  • The players will be able to analyze the performance of their team with the help of the spatial analysis

Oceans of Games Assassin’s Creed 2 Download

Assassin creed is a game loaded with adventure and fun for the players. Thegame depicts a background full of history. Assassin’s creed 2 is the second series of the game Assassin’s creed. The developer and publisher of the game are the Ubisoft.

The story of the game revolve around a man known as Desmond miles, son of the king. At young age his family is murdered by the cruel people of the tow. When he grow up a scientist who have built a machine send him back to his future to catch the murder of his family.


  • Game is full of action

  • Story is very impressive

  • The player can utilize the character’s special abilities

  • Player can visit the old life of the character anytime they want

Ocean of games EA sports Cricket 2017 PC Download

This is the virtual game of cricket which you can find on ocean of games for pc. The game is developed by HB studios and published under the label of Electronic arts. The game is updated and re published in 2017 by another company known as Roofijee studios as the HB studios developed the last game back in 2007 and uptill the their came no series of the game. This new version has better player control, easy game stroking, and update box of music is present in the game. Following are the game features.


  • During every wicket and boundary different music plays

  • The menu of the game is quite hd along with large collection of anthem in the music box

  • The game include the trendies kits, latest faces in this game and new fixtures


Ocean of games is the website with the help of which you can access thousands of Ocean Games on your PC the good thing about this website is that is free of cost and contains no errors or bugs. So feel free and enjoy your favorite games and their latest series.