Ayo: A Rain Tale PC Game 2018

Ayo: A Rain Tale is an adventure simulation video game developed and published under the banner of Inkline Ltd. in April 2018 for Microsoft Windows and other platforms. You can download Ayo: A Rain Tale PC Game 2018 from ocean of games.

ayo a rain tale free download

The storyline of this game is based on a small girl who lives in Sahara desert and struggles daily by carrying water for her family. You have to help her to explore water while you also have to face different tough challenges in sub-Sahara desert. You have to experience the harsh and tough life of Ayo where communities live in desert without clean water. There is a huge burden carried by women by fetching water from far away in the Sahara desert to feed their families. Women in these communities are living in a hell where they are not allowed to get basic education while approximately 200 million hours are alone spent on fetching water. Graphics of Ayo: A Rain Tale is very realistic and you will surely feel the pain and struggle of these hardworking families.

Ayo: A Rain Tale PC Game Features

These are the following awesome features of Ayo: A Rain Tale which you will surely love after installing it.
•    Unique simulation video game with adventures.
•    Based on interesting story of young girl.
•    Survive in Harsh Sahara desert without clean water.
•    Face different challenges like thunderstorms and thirst.
•    Fetch water to help communities.
•    Impressive graphics.

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Ayo: A Rain Tale System requirements

These are the following system requirements which you have to make sure your Operating system full fills before installing Ayo: A Rain Tale Free Download from ooceanofgame.
•    OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10.
•    CPU: Intel Core i5 or 2.3 GHZ Processor.
•    RAM: 4GB
•    Hard Disk Space: 2GB

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Ayo: A Rain Tale PC Free Download

Click the Download button below and install full version of Ayo: A Rain Tale Free Download from oceanofgames. We have provided full setup just download and install. Instructions are present on the next page read them carefully before downloading Ayo A Rain Tale Game. Also Download Planet Coaster Alpha PC Free Download.

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